December 11, 2012

Tempura at a branch of prestige restaurant of Kyoto

Just in front of the Tokyo Dome, there is the Tokyo Dome Hotel(東京ドームホテル) which accommodates many customers who come to the events of the Dome, wedding etc. The atmosphere of the hotel is elegant but casual. The hotel has many restaurants and one of them is "Yugyoan-Tankuma-Kitaten(熊魚庵たん熊北店)", a branch of a Japanese prestige restaurant established in Kyoto in 1928. The head restaurant of original Tankuma has won the Michelin's two starts.
Lobby of the Tokyo Dome Hotel
Entrance of "Tankuma"
Table seats for tempura
Counter seats for tempura
Tankuma offers variety of Japanese dishes such as kaiseki meal, sushi, teppanyaki, tempura, etc. if you choose sushi, you can go to a special room for sushi. Each category of dish has special room. At a night I visited, we selected tempura. Luckily to me, there was no customer other than us and we could enjoy talking with chefs there. If you go there, I strongly recommend you to sit on the counter seats where we can see the illumination of the Tokyo Dome and Laqua.

The atmosphere is very nice. Moreover, the taste was fantastic! The best tempura I have tasted in the recent few years! Very delicate and sophisticated. Crispy texture is super but at the same time we can fully enjoy the original taste of each fresh ingredients. For each tempura, the chefs recommended us which sauce or salt should be used for. Eating delicious tempuras with Japanese citrus and rock salt was striking. 

Tempura set meal at night is available from JPY6,300 to JPY12,600. Not cheap, but worth for payment. The character of the cheerful chefs made the taste mush better. My rating is 4.4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!


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