December 13, 2012

Feudal Samurai Izakaya!

I had a chance to visit a unique izakaya, Japanese-style pub whose concept is feudal warlord. The izakaya is "Sengoku-Buyuden(戦国武勇伝)" in Kabukicho(歌舞伎町), Shinjuku(新宿). All rooms are individual room that we can be relaxed. Soon after enter the entrance, we are astonished by replica armors of famous feudal samurais such as Date Masamune(伊達政宗), Maeda Keiji(前田慶次), Sanada Yukimura(真田幸村), etc. The corridor is decorated with samurais' family flags, making us excited.
Replica armors of famous samurais
Replica armor of Sanada Yukimura
Corridor with each samurai's family flags 
Beer glasses of samurais' family emblems 
Starter contained in Japanese castle case
Grilled chicken
Avocado gratin 
Hot pot
Beers are brought by glasses with samurais' family emblems. We enjoyed to guess which emblem is which family of samurai. The taste of dishes were better than expectation (we hadn't expected meals at all for this kind of amusing izakaya).  On or a bit below than the average of chain izakaya? Acceptable range. The price is average as chain izakaya. We paid JPY4,500 per person for above set meals and all-you-can-drink beverage.  

You can enjoy the atmosphere rather than the taste:) During the stay, we are called as "tono(殿)" for men and "hime(姫)" for women. If you haven't experienced this type of izakaya, it might be recommendable. For dishes, my rating is 1.9 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!


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