August 29, 2012

Bento of Kiyoken

The other day, a TV program focused on bento of Kiyoken (崎陽軒), and I noticed I haven't tried it yet in my life despite of its fame(as they actively advertised their bento in TV commercial, people know at least the name)! After saying that, my hubby kindly bought me a bento of Kiyoken. 
Package of Kiyoken's bento
Contens of Kiyoken's bento
Kiyoken is a company in Yokohama (横浜), a big port city near Tokyo, which mainly sells Chinese steamed dumplings(シュウマイ) and their bento using the dumplings is very popular. We can find shops of Kiyoken in department stores and train stations around Yokohama.  

Bento (弁当) is a prepared meal for take out or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. Bento usually consists of steamed rice and several side dishes of meat, fish and vegetables. The occasions we eat bento office, during meetings, on the train, on a picnic, etc., when we can't eat in a formal manner.

And I finally tried the Kiyoken's bento! The result was....frankly speaking...good on average? No distinction even for their specialty, dumplings, though rice was very delicious as bento. Maybe their strength is "being on average" that everyone likes. One bento costs JPY750 (approx. USD 9), which is also on or a bit above average. So, my rating is 2.5 out o 5. 

Kiyoken (崎陽軒

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