August 30, 2012

Vietnamese food at Marunouchi Building

Marunouchi Building (丸ビル) is one of the best place to meet someone cause it is directly connected to the main Tokyo Station which has a lot of railway and subway lines. We can easily come and go home by using at least one line. So, most restaurants are full of people and difficult to enter without reservation on Friday and weekend. This time, I tried a Vietnamese restaurant called "Casablanca Silk (カサブランカシルク)." 
Entrance of "Casablanca Silk"
Fresh spring rolls
Caesar salad with shrimp 
Beef satay 
Beef stew with cous cous 
 Tom yan kun (Thailand's specialty, sour and hot soup)
Vietnamese coconut curry and rice
Interior is fancy as colonial style. From windows, we can see the face of the Tokyo Station which is now under renovation. Dishes are not only Vietnamese but also fusion cuisine incorporating French and Thai. Hot flavor is a bit moderated for adjusting Japanese preference(this restaurant is run by a huge restaurant chain company). 

The quality of taste is more than average and the price is not so expensive. We were satisfied with most of the dishes. Only Tom yan kun was too salty to eat up and the way of cooking of beef stew was a bit rough. A minus point is insufficient number of waiters. It seems the restaurant tries to save labor cost and only several waiters work in the huge floor. So, we have to wait for waiters coming (though it' not a so big problem...but we are very used to the quick service in Japan).

The atmosphere is good, the dishes are not bad, service is a bit slow... in sum, my rating is 2.7 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!
Casablanca Silk (カサブランカシルク) 

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