August 16, 2012


In the Tokyu Plaza(東急プラザ), newly opened fashion mall in April 2012 in Omotesando(表参道), I saw an unique advertisement. A naked guy was standing and appealing the new perfume produced by LADY GAGA. That part-time job might be very tired for a day long, but many people(particularly women?) enjoyed watching him.

I didn't buy the perfume as the smell is not my taste. Instead, I bought a T-shirt of LADY GAGA which was sold only 150 limited pieces! I was excited to get my favorite GAGA's original T-shirt (though the design is not so cute with skull)!  
I also went to Omotesando Hills(表参道ヒルズ), a shopping mall of posh and high fashions, and saw a charity exhibition of "KITTY ROBOT" which focuses on Hello Kitty(ハローキティ), one of the world's popular characters from Japan in her robot's images. KITTY is always lovely in any kind of forms...I like to see a lot of collaborations of KITTY with brands, motifs, etc. I also saw a famous young comedian. You may also see some celebrities around Omotesando! 
Omotesando Hills(表参道ヒルズ)

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