August 18, 2012

Break at Denny's

I like chain family restaurants. Reasonable, delicious, comfortable to stay. Also we ca easily find them all over Japan. Even I put very casual cloths, I don't have to hesitate to enter. Whenever I open menu books with pictures, I can be still excited as a child.  

Denny's(デニーズ) is one of my favorites. They always welcome us with big voice as "Welcome to Denny's!" Some of them are opened for 24 hours and offer newspapers free of charge. Very convenient. Food is also good in general. The caramel pancake I ate was just JPY390, and the taste was not bad. Their menu has wide variety of options. They offer not only Japanese dishes but also western dishes that many people are familiar with. As there are picture samples of all dishes, even foreigners can easily choose favorite dishes without knowing Japanese. If you come to Japan, I recommend you to use this type of family chain restaurants at least once!
Inside of Denny's
Caramel pancake

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