August 19, 2012

Light Italian near Ochanomizu

I went to an Italian restaurant named "Ristorante Salutare (リストランテ・サルターレ)" which is located on a hill near Ochanomizu(御茶ノ水) Station. This area is quiet and secluded with residences, universities, hospitals, Japan Football Associations, etc. Ristorante Salutare has a homey feel and is likely loved by local people. 
Exterior of "Ristorante Salutare"
Inside of  "Ristorante Salutare"   
Beer and sparkling wine
Amuse (fresh ham, marinated fish, capotana)
Amuse (tuna and avocado) 
Pasta with sardine
Italian white wine 
Risotto with cheese 
Grilled cod fish with americane sauce
Beef steak
Dessert (honey mousse with mango sorbet and fruits)
Soon after we arrived, customers came one right after the other and the small restaurant became full. Most of them(including us) ordered a set meal at JPY5,250. The set meal includes two amuses, two pasta (or risotto), fish main dish, meat main dish, dessert and coffee. Dishes are made in a careful manner and simple and dainty. Many dishes were served but the portion of each dish was very small (men who eat a lot could not be full).  

The service is good (for instance, they provided me with a blanket when I felt chilly by air-conditioning). If they increased the volume of each dish, customers would be more satisfied. Actually, I wanted to eat more either pasta or main dish. Due to that, value for money is not so high for my impression. Almost! My rating is 2.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Ristorante Salutare (リストランテ・サルターレ)

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