August 25, 2012

Stable Chinese chain

Kamonka (過門香) is a modern Chinese restaurant which has four branches in Tokyo and I went to the one in Ueno (上野). I have also been to Akasaka (赤坂) branch several times. The interior is stylish with Chinese-style decoration. The restaurant comprises several rooms whose interiors are different and rooms for non-smoking and smoking are completely divided.
A room in Kamonka
Fresh beer and free Oolong tea
Sharks' fin soup
Beijing duck
Fried shrimp and vegetables with sea urchin 
Shaoxing rice wine
Crab fried egg with sour and sweet sauce 
Boiled abalone with cream sauce
Dandan noodle
Dishes are modern but authentic, which are cooked by Japanese and Chinese cooks at open kitchen. They have wide variety of menus at relatively reasonable price. For instance, we can take dumplings from JPY300, a small shark's fin soup at JPY900, small Beijing ducks at JPY1,400, etc. Main dishes cost around JPY1,500 to 2,500. Only if you want to have abalone, because of its rarity, you have to pay more than JPY4,000 (but still reasonable). The taste of dishes is more than or at least on average. We can be satisfied with both the taste and price.

If you have any difficulty to find restaurants near the Ueno Park or Ueno Station, I suppose Kamonka is one of the good options. You can go lightheartedly with casual cloths without caring your wallet (unless ordering expensive dishes). Service is casual but kind and good. My rating is 3.6 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Kamonka (過門香)

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