August 7, 2012

Indian curry near the office

In the 5 minutes walking distance from my office, there is an Indian curry restaurant called "Grand Darjeeling (グランドダージリン)" , located on the underground floor of Shobo Kaikan (消防会館) in Toranomon (虎ノ門). Cooks and waiters seem Indian or those who from other south Asian countries, but this restaurant also serves Thailand cuisine as well...(I haven't seen so much the combination of Indian and Thailand dishes...)
Inside of Grand Darjeeling
Sag-chicken (spinach curry) and naan 
In my memory, the taste of curry in this restaurant had been relatively better than other ones around here, but the one I ate was not so delicate as the previous memory. The curry was a bit sloppy and not rich enough. I felt something crucial was missing...So, this time my rating is 1.5 (sorry!) out of 5. Next time, I wish the ordinary taste will be back! Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Grand Darjeeling (グランドダージリン)  

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