August 22, 2012


Summer Sonic(サマーソニック) is an annual music festival held in Tokyo and Osaka for two days inviting a lot of musicians from major to minor all over the world. I joined the Summer Sonic held in Tokyo on last Sunday with the aim of seeing Rihanna, Jamiroquai, Cardigans, Perfume (Japanese techno-pop units comprising three females) and others. I am still impressed by the spectacular even two days have passed. As a lot of artists performed at the same time in different stages, I couldn't see all, but I could enjoy listening all my favorites. 
All the performances I saw were too wonderful to describe everything here. But I got much energy and power! Luckily to me, I was always standing on the front position of the arena and could feel the performance directly(and now I am suffering from muscle pain). 

Perfume was really awesome. Their figures and dance are so cute but the songs are cool, as the mix of pops, house and techno, etc. They are one of the pop current icons in Japan.

Cardigans made me bring back some memories when I listened their albums at high school days. I felt they lost momentum a bit, but happy to see them in person after so long.

Jamiroquai was cool! J Kay was kept his youth as he was when he had became so popular at selling "Virtual Insanity." His sound is also still alive, which meets the feelings of the current time. I love the movements he makes on the stage. Very light and stylish. 

In the end, Rihanna! Soooo cool and lovely! I totally fell in love with her. Her presence was the biggest among other artists. I was just happy to see and feel her in such a close distance (actually I was just about to die by crushing). She performed many songs from her latest and second latest albums and people became so high! I also kept jumping, dancing, shouting.. When the fireworks were shot off with her last song "We Found Love," the most exciting moments came! Wonderful night, and must go next year!   




  1. Hi, Megumogu, again. You such a hard worker posting comments so frequently... anywayz, your preference for music is also various like for eating... :D the music FES in Tokyo must be exciting 4U ! I love Rihanna, too while I also prefer JPN bands like POLYSICS though their sound may not be your taste. Please check it out! Tois!

  2. Many thanks. Indeed, I got to like POLYSICS to see their cheerful performance!