August 27, 2012

German beer in Omotesando

On the third basement of Omotesando Hills (表参道ヒルズ), there is a German restaurant called "Deutsche Deutsche(ドイチェドイチェ)." The appealing point of this restaurant is to drink variety of fresh beers directly imported from Germany over tasting authentic dishes in a casual atmosphere.  
Interior of "Deutsche Deutsche"
Fresh German beers
Grilled sausages with  sauerkraut
 Spätzle (German fresh pasta) with cream sauce and a bread 
Grilled  Mangalica pork
Sachertorte (chocolate cake, specialty of Austria)
The set meal comprising appetizer, starter, pasta, main dish and dessert can be available around JPY3,800 . On the other hand, imported German beers cost from JPY700 to 3,000, depending on brands and amount (a bit expensive). Though fresh beers I tasted were really good, if you take a lot of glasses of beers, it would be costly. 

The taste is nice. Everyone likes sausages definitely. Spätzle, German fresh pasta, which I tried for the first time was also tasty with strong chewy texture. Grilled mangalica, pork designated as "eating" National Treasury in Hungary, was also good (recently, I can see a lot of menus using Mangalica in many restaurants in Tokyo). 

Yet, the portion of each plate is not so big enough. Service is casual as most staff are young men. Just having fresh German beers with some side dishes would be a correct answer for this restaurant. My rating would be..2.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Deutsche Deutsche(ドイチェドイチェ)


  1. I also once visited this restaurant for lunch! Sausages are really nice with its thick and compounded meat while I didnt enjoy the German pasta. I prefer more sticky one. Anyway, beer is so good. Perfect German beer! It is worth paying money ten-times more than usually ones!! XD

  2. I agree with you to some extent, I don't want to pay ten times higher than ordinary ones, but German fresh beers here are so nice!