August 8, 2012

Red Lobster in Odaiba

Odaiba (お台場) is a bay area and one of the date spots in Tokyo. There are many shopping malls, amusement parks, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants, etc. which are suitable for couples. Night view from Odaiba is also beautiful. When I drove to Odaiba, the Tokyo Tower was illuminated by five colored lights for celebrating the Olympic Games.
Rainbow bridge and Tokyo Tower
In a shopping mall called "Aqua City Odaiba (アクアシティお台場)", there is a branch of "Red Lobster(レッドロブスター)", an American chain restaurant, which is famous for dishes using fresh lobsters. In front of the restaurant, lobsters are fed in aquarium. 
Inside of "Red Lobster"
Pickle and a glass of white wine
Fresh oysters
Soup of Lobster with pie
Combination plate (grilled lobster, grilled beef and gratin)
Red Lobster offers wide variety of sea food menus at the intermediate level expense. Side dishes are reasonable at around JPY1,000 and dishes using Lobsters cost more than JPY2,000. The taste is good as a chain restaurant. There is no special dish, but most plates are more than average that anybody likes. The atmosphere is good for date, but the taste is for family-use. If you luckily sit on the window seat, you can enjoy the wonderful night view of Tokyo bay. My rating is 2.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Red Lobster

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