October 17, 2012

Good Chinese dishes in front of Shinobazu Pond

Just in front of the Shinobazu Pond(不忍池) of the Ueno Park(上野公園), there is a traditional Chinese restaurant building named Totenko(東天紅).  The building consists of various restaurants and banquet halls, and accordingly wedding and parties are often held here. But Totenko is only 1 minute away from my house. Too near to go.
Restaurant "Totenko"
Shinobazu Pond, view from the window
Tea and beer
Corn soup
Fried crab meats
Beijing duck
Fried shrimps with aurora sauce and mango
Chinese rice wine
On a day when the weather was not good, we went to Totenko for lunch. And...it was much better than expectation! The interior is modern. Seasonal decoration was beautiful. Luckily to us, we could sit aside the windows that we enjoyed the view of the Pond and Park. If it were sunny, we could clearly see the Tokyo Sky Tree.

All the dishes we ordered were dainty! Much higher than average. The taste is gentle that we can feel ingredient itself. Even Chinese dishes using much oil, I felt their dishes were healthy. No chemical seasoning is definitely used. Each menu costs around JPY1,000 to 2,000 except expensive dishes using abalone, etc. 

Service is also good. As many elderly enjoy eating, waiters are used to customers who eat slowly. So, we can stay as long as possible. My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Totenko(東天紅) http://www.totenko.co.jp/

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