October 13, 2012

Unexpected finding in Hongo

After going to a swimming pool, I had an urge to taste soba, Japanese buckwheat noodle. I searched by my smart phone and went to a soba restaurant named "Ryorinin Egawa(料理人 江川)" just near the Red Gate(赤門) of Tokyo University(東京大学) in Hongo(本郷). It was a bit dark around Egawa and we hesitated to enter a little bit. But the inside was clean and modern. Chefs were friendly.
Exterior of "Ryorinin Egawa"
Japanese style semi-separated room
Japanese sakes
Starter sampler
Sashimi sampler
Sushi (service!)
We ordered a semi set meal of around JPY3,500 which consists of a starter sampler, a sashimi sampler and soba. I was astonished by the high-quality starter sampler! Each item was cooked in a very careful manner. The taste was at equivalent level of ryotei, fancy Japanese restaurant. The ingredients were the one of Autumn. We could enjoy different taste and texture in a small plate by feeling the season.

Sashimis were fresh. So good. I couldn't imagine that we could have such nice sashimis at a soba restaurant. The combination with Japanese sakes was great. And finally, their soba! Very flavory and super. The noodle was thin but strong. The soba soup was also sophisticated with adequate salty balance. We were very satisfied. 

According to my following research, the chef was trained at "Kiccho(吉兆)", one of the great Japanese restaurants and served as a head chef of Japanese Consulate in the US. I was totally convinced. The chef said Egawa will be introduced in a TV program of "Merenge no Kimochi (メレンゲの気持ち)" on October 13(today!). I want to keep secret but at the same time I want to share this good restaurant as much as possible. My rating is 4.3 out of 5. Gochiso-samdeshita!

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