October 8, 2012

Spanish dishes in Ginza

I had sometimes passed by a Spanish restaurant in Ginza(銀座), near Yurakucho Marion (有楽町マリオン) and wanted to enter. The other day, I finally tried the restaurant named "Ginza Daidai Señor Masa (銀座ダイダイ セニョール マサ)", located underground. The inside was larger than expectation. The interior is woody and stylish. Good for date. The price was reasonable as a set meal costs around JPY3,600 at night even in Ginza.
Entrance of "Ginza Daidai Señor Masa"
Inside of "Ginza Daidai Señor Masa"
Sardines with vinegar  
Mussels with tomato soup 
Grilled lamb 
Paella of squid ink
The service was a bit slow due to many customers. But the taste was delicious. Not super but above than average. Considering the price, the level of satisfaction was high. Paella was cooked adjusting Japanese preference, but good. I would visit again. I added this in my restaurant-list. If you want to taste Spanish cuisine at reasonable price in Ginza, Ginza Daidai Señor Masa is recommendable. My rating is 3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Ginza Daidai Señor Masa (銀座ダイダイ セニョール マサ)  http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g809802/

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