October 21, 2012

Italian in Kyobashi

In Kyobashi (京橋), near Hotel Seiyo Ginza (ホテル西洋銀座), there is an Italian restaurant named "Ristorante Fiorenza(リストランテ フィオレンツァ)."  In spite of the location and its elegant atmosphere, we can enjoy Italian dishes at reasonable price here. Set meal is available from JPY3,500 even at night and a la cart is from JPY500.  
Entrance of "Ristorante Fiorenza"
Inside 1
Inside 2 
Beef and beans stew 
Bottles of white wine 
Two types of pasta 
Pie of conger 
Fried venison
Dessert (for a friend's wedding celebration)
Dishes were delicious. But I had much better impression before. They had served authentic dishes with more volume and novelty. Maybe chef or management was changed? Due to that, I noticed we had fewer customers comparing to before. 

Even so, it is a cozy restaurant indeed. Still reasonable. Young staff's service is friendly. If you face difficulty to find a restaurant around Ginza and Kyobashi, Fiorenza is one option. My rating is 3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Ristorante Fiorenza(リストランテ フィオレンツァ) http://www.carpediem1995.com/fiorenza/   

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