October 4, 2012

Strange but delicious Indian in Sendagi

Near Sendagi(千駄木) Station of Tokyo Metro and along the Shinobazu Street(不忍通り), there is an apparently unusual Indian restaurant called "Darjeeling(ダージリン)."  Without any information on this restaurant, you may hesitate to open the heavy wooden door...

Both of the interior and exterior are very decorative. Dazzling atmosphere. But this is a very delicious Indian restaurant. Moreover, different from ordinary Indian restaurants, they have many kinds of alcohol all over the world. For instance, we can enjoy Vietnamese beer together with curry. One of my favorite, Hoegaarden(Belgian beer) is also on the list. 
Exterior of "Darjeeling"
Belgian beer and Indian beer
Fried cheese 
Two types of curry and a naan 
Garlic naan 
The selection of curry is wide. Even if you have any dietary restriction, you can choose one curry which suits your preference. We ordered two curries, a  coconut-based and a tomato-based. They were sooo tasty! Creamy, strong and profound. The taste was complex with many spices and ingredients. I was touched by this taste! As for naan, Darjeeling's is the best as far as I know. Outside is a bit browned and very crispy, but inside is soft enough. Usually I can't eat up one naan by myself, but I can eat up this naan. Price is average as Indian restaurant(each curry costs around JPY1,000 and a naan is JPY300). 

My rating is 3.9 out of 5. This rating is for the Sendagi branch. Darjeeling has several branches in Tokyo, but each shop has different taste. I like Sendagi. Gochiso-samadeshita!

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