October 9, 2012

Pancakes in Sendagi

A pancake cafe named "OHANA(オハナ)" was recently opened in Sendagi(千駄木). In the current few years, pancake has been popular for no special reason and several famous overseas pancake shops have been opened around Tokyo such as Eggs'n Things and bills. Because of such influence(?), OHANA's interior is also Hawaiian taste. Staff members were cheerful. The price is around JPY1,000. The ones we ate were JPY1,400 and 1,200. If you pay JPY200, coffee or tea is served. 
Outside of "OHANA"
Iced lemon tea and coffee 
Pancake with sweet chestnut cream
Pancake with fruits and ice cream
The taste of pancakes was...both good and bad. A pancake with sweet chestnut cream was nice. Pancake itself was soft, moist and tasty. But the other was tasteless and dried. A staff said same pancakes are used for all the menus. So, the difference might be depending on how and who cooks. 

Toppings like cream, ice cream, fruit, syrup, are also very normal. If it were a family-chain restaurant or just a cafe, this level of the pancake would be acceptable...but this is a cafe only selling pancakes. A bit regrettable though the atmosphere is nice. My rating is 1.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

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