October 29, 2012

Perfect chocolate shop in Yanaka

In Yanaka(谷中), an old downtown of Tokyo, we have a very nice chocolate shop named "Chocolatier INAMURA SHOZO(ショコラティエ イナムラ ショウゾウ)."  Mr. Inamura is one of the famous patissiers in Japan whose cake shop is located in Ueno-Sakuragi(上野桜木). Even though his fame is prevalent, he has never opened another branch. And finally he opened...a chocolate shop in Yanaka!
Show-case of chocolate cakes
Show-case of chocolate
Cake "teardrop"
Different flavored chocolates
Cake "black dandy" 
Whenever I visit, many customers make a queue inside (sometimes even outside). In spite of many customers, the shop always provides courteous service that we can be satisfied. This time, luckily to me, Mr. Inamura was there and he gently responded to my order. 

The taste of cakes and chocolates were wonderful! Very sophisticated. Not heavy at all. Delicate. We can feel several elements in one cake or chocolate. Milky, bitter, ginger, orange, earl gray, etc. I was touched how complex and profound chocolates could be. Though I gradually can't eat so heavy chocolate cakes with age, I can easily eat up Mr. Inamura's cakes. 

A piece of cake costs around JPY500 while a piece of chocolate costs JPY300. You can't get their items unless you go to Yanaka. Yanak is also a good sightseeing spot. Why don't you visit? My rating is 5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Chocolatier INAMURA SHOZO(ショコラティエ イナムラ ショウゾウ) http://www.inamura.jp/index.html


  1. I've read through your blog. I really like it! I think your pictures are great and you choose a great variation of different places to feature.

  2. Many thanks for reading this blog! So happy to see your kind comment that makes me more motivated. Yes...I taste variety of food as I don't have any dislike or restriction:) I will try to introduce foods here as many as possible. Looking forward to hearing from you sometime again!