October 12, 2012

Sophisticated yakitori in Kitasenjyu

In Kitasenjyu(北千住), they have a famous yakitori restaurant named "Bard Court(バードコート)" which won Michelin's one star. Yakitori is grilled skewered chickens in Japanese dishes. There are a lot of yakitori specialized restaurants all over the place and people love it. In my experience, all oversea friends like yakitori. The taste is good and familiar to everyone. However, in principle, yakitori is not high-class food. We can have good yakitori even at cheap restaurants, and I had been a bit skeptical about the Bird Court. But they were against such my expectation in a good way. 
Exterior of Bird Court

We ordered a set meal at JPY6,800 per person. Various dishes using chicken and egg were served.Their yakitoris were much more delicious than the ordinary ones. The chicken itself was fresh, soft but elastic and nice. Seasoning was also good. Polished. Salt, soy sauce, chili, other seasonings were effectively used for each different type of yakitori. Thanks to that, we can enjoy many yakiotris not getting tired. Other dishes were definitely good. I liked chicken pate, rice bowl with chicken and egg and pudding. 

Beverage selection is good. Various good wines as well as Japanese sakes are stocked. Service is also nice. Waiters friendly talked. Recommend to visit. A bit expensive as a yakitori restaurant, but satisfaction is high. My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Bard Court(バードコート) http://birdcourt.jp/index.html

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