October 16, 2012

Reasonable teppanyaki in Ginza

When I looked for a place for dinner in Ginza(銀座), I found a reasonable teppanyaki in Mikasa Kaikan(三笠会館) . Mikasa Kaikan is a company running restaurants around Tokyo and their head building is located in the center of Ginza. In principle, their restaurants in Ginza are not so inexpensive, but they offer reasonable menus on weekend when businesspersons less use.
"Mikasa Kaikan"
Beer and wine
Private "L" shaped iron counter and woody interior of Yamato
Grilled seafood 
Cooking wagyu beef
Grilled beef and vegetable
Fried garlic rice and miso soup
Ice cream
Their teppanyaki restaurant named "Yamato(大和)" offers a set meal from JPY4,980 at night on weekend. (If we taste teppanyaki at night around Ginza, at least JPY10,000 is necessary.) Definitely we ordered it. The set comprised a salad, grilled seafood, grilled wagyu beef, rice and soup and a dessert. 

In spite of the reasonable price, the taste was gratifying. Ingredients might not be best grade, but their cooking skills made the dishes delicious. Also, warm and interesting personality of the head chef was a good spice for dinner. We could enjoy chatting with him over eating. The interior is woody and a bit old(it's like an old steak house). Atmosphere might not be so chic enough for date, but sitting in a sofa of each iron counter was comfortable. My rating is 3.3 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Mikasa Kaikan(三笠会館)  http://www.mikasakaikan.co.jp/    

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