October 2, 2012

Kurashiki, classical and beautiful city

After the visit to Miyajima, I went to another city, Kurashiki (倉敷) in Okayama (岡山) Prefecture. Kurashiki is famous as a city preserving classical buildings and as a major industrial district in the west Japan. It is also known as a birthplace of jeans in Japan and there are many jeans companies in Kurashiki.
Kurashiki (aesthetic area)

Small but very attractive city 
We can cruise a small river.
Most tourists go to the aesthetic area of Kurashiki, where we can feel classical Japanese atmosphere with buildings constructed in around Edo and Meiji periods. As Japan is a country struck by natural disasters, the city preserving old scenery like Kurashiki is quite distinct. The  aesthetic area is not so large and one-day stay might be enough. There are many shops selling local specialties and restaurants. Just walking around is very fun.      
Wooden gate of "KIYUTEI"
Kurashiki's local beer 
Cream corn soup
Fillet steak 
Sirloin steak 
Dessert and coffee 
For dinner, I went to a classical yoshoku restaurant named "KIYUTEI(亀遊亭)" located in the aesthetic area. The atmosphere is like Meiji era, when Japan abandoned its seclusion policy and started the trade with Western powers in the 19th century. The mixture of cultures of Japan and west is presented in the interior of KIYUTEI. I felt as if I slipped back in time to the 19th century in sitting in this restaurant in Kurashiki.

According to the advice of a waiter, we ordered a steak set meal, their specialty around JPY3,150. The taste is also classical. Honestly speaking, starter and breads were not so good comparing to the standard, but others, particularly steak, were delicious. The steak sauce using much fried onions and soy sauce was very tasty. Even middle-ranked beef became much dainty. Doppo, a Kuarshiki's local beer was also good with bitter taste. My rating is 2.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

KIYUTEI(亀遊亭) http://locoplace.jp/t000006166/ 

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