October 6, 2012

Lunch at Hibiya Park

For lunch break, I went to a French-Italian restaurant named "HIBIYA PALACE(日比谷パレス)" which is located near the administrative district side in the Hibiya Park(日比谷公園). As the appearance is nice, I wanted to enter. Same as exterior, interior is also good. White-based interior is chic and clean. Soft sunlight and greens of the park through the windows were so comfortable.
Inside (greens through the windows are beautiful.)
Starter from buffet
Cake and coffee
The price is a bit expensive for this kind of restaurant. The minimum lunch set is available from JPY1,800. If we order one main dish from pasta, fish or meet, buffet of starter is attached. Buffet offers various salad, steamed vegetables, side dishes, soup, bread, etc. Buffet-style starter is fun. 

But main dish...a carbonara spaghetti was bad....Even soon after it was served, the spaghetti was already cold and solid. Taste itself was insufficient. It was a surprise for me to still have such a poor pasta in nowadays Tokyo. Even pasta sold at convenient stores must be more delicious... 

As the atmosphere is nice, it is good to sit in HIBIYA PALACE with coffee for chatting with colleagues. Particularly women like this circumstance. But...the price does not meet the quality of food. So, my rating is 1.6 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

HIBIYA PALACE(日比谷パレス) http://www.hibiyapalace.co.jp/ 

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