October 8, 2012

Yoshoku at UENO 3153

In front of the Ueno(上野) JR Station and just under the statue of Saigo san(西郷さん) of the Ueno Park, a restaurant-complex was newly opened. The name is "UENO 3153." If you read the number 3153 in Japanese, it is called "Saigo-san", whose meaning is "Mr. Saigo." Mr. Saigo is Saigo Takamori(西郷隆盛), a samurai and politician who greatly contributed to the Meiji Restoration(明治維新) but later rebelled against the government by responding to the complaints of former samurais. He was actually a rebel, but people love him so much because he always devoted himself without personal greed and sticked to humanity and justice. Still people see him a warm-heart hero and accordingly, his statue is decorated in the park previously owned by the Meiji Government. Saigo-san is a symbol of Ueno.
UENO 3153
Statue of "Saigo-san" in the Ueno Park
In the UENO3153, there are many branches of local restaurants around Ueno. One of them is "Ueno Seiyoken(上野精養軒)", a long-established French and Yoshoku restaurant since 1872. Their head restaurant is also located in the Ueno Park, near the Shinobazu Pond(不忍池). This new branch is chic with white and brown color furniture. Price setting is not so high. Lunch set is available JPY1,600. A la carte is from JPY1,200. Service is elegant and friendly. All glasses were rightly cristal. 
Inside of Ueno Seiyoken
Table setting
Smoked salmon and fresh ham 
Grilled scallops
Fried shrimps and crab croquette
Beef steak 
Rolled cake
Cheese cake of beans 
Dishes were orthodox. I didn't find any novelty, but noticed everything was properly good. It seemed their concept is keeping their traditions, not following the current trend. Comparing to other French and Italian restaurants, their appeal might be lower, but their straightforward dishes can't be missing. It might be good to use this restaurant in a casual manner such as during shopping or after visiting museums in the Ueno Park. The window-side seats were comfortable, getting the sun. The both white and red wines of Seiyoken label were also nice. My rating is 2.9 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Ueno Seiyoken(上野精養軒) http://www.seiyoken.co.jp/index.html

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