January 13, 2013

A popular restaurant in Yokohama China Town

Yokohama(横浜) has been developed since the middle of 19th century as one of the ports for external trade. Through the active trade, many foreigners came to Yokohama and Chinese people made a China Town(中華街) there. Yokohama is an exotic city and the China Town is a popular sightseeing spot. We went to Manchinro(萬珍樓), one of the popular restaurants there.
Yokohama China Town 
Entrance of Manchinro 
Soup of swallow's nest and shark's fin 
Cooked qing-geng-cai
Fried shrimps with mayonnaise sauce 
Chinese rice wine
Beijing duck
The interior is chic with Chinese-style furniture. A pianist plays a piano there and the atmosphere is nice. The level of dishes was high, particularly I liked a soup of swallow's nest and shark's fin and fried shrimps with mayonnaise sauce were. The taste was mild but very tasty. The soup was JPY2,200 per person, but gave us great satisfaction. 

On the other hand, dumplings and Beijing duck were quite normal. I agreed these dishes were cooked carefully but the taste and texture were not so good as I had expected. Maybe many good Chinese restaurants have been more developed in Tokyo and the Chine Town has been currently a bit conventional. 

Service is nice and price might be adequate. They offer both reasonable and expensive dishes. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!


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