January 14, 2013

Amusing ramen chain

In the JR Ueno Sttation(上野駅), we have a branch of "Ichiran(一蘭)", a big Hakata(博多) ramen chain. Basic Hakata ramen consists of thin noodle, pork-based rich soup, chopped thin leek and barbecued pork. Ichiran is famous as the nice taste and an amusing system. As you can see, every seat is separated so that we can individually concentrate on eating and we are not seen by others (particularly, women are shy).
Entrance of Ichiran of Ueno Station
Inside (separated seats like a private study room)
Also, we can customize own ramen. Before ordering, we need to fill some inquiries such as the amount of garlic, type of leak, extent of thickness of soup, extent of boiling of noodle, etc. It is really fun. And the service is very quick. In few minutes, you can enjoy your ramen.

I tasted this ramen after so long and it was better than my previous memories(maybe my customization was well succeeded?). The soup is sharp and rich. The combination of this soup and the thin noodle was nice. It can be addictive. The portion of a ramen (JPY780) is small and Ichiran recommends us to order "additional noodle" at JPY150. My rating is 3.4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Ichiran(一蘭) http://www.ichiran.co.jp/index_hp.html  

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