January 13, 2013

Stay in Yokohama

Though Yokohama(横浜) is close to Tokyo, around 40 minutes ride by the train, I stayed at a hotel of "PAN PACIFIC Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu(パンパシフィック横浜ベイ東急)", which is located just next to the venue of the live of Masaharu Fukuyama. Actually, the live was finished around 9 pm and the train was too crowded. it was also good to stay continually in Yokohama to enjoy the resonance of the live. Yokohama is a romantic city.
Yokohama bay area
Lobby of PAN PACIFIC Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu
A corner twin room 
The lobby of the hotel is full of nice citrus aroma. The atmosphere was good. I like it. Our room was spacious with good amenities that we could be relaxed. The hotel has several famous restaurants inside such as Turandot (Chinese), Queen Alice(French), etc. But their last order time was around 9pm and we had no chance to taste.
Frozen beer 
Fried potato with cheese 
Hamburg steak 
As we were so hungry after the aggressive live, we went to a diner named "AMERICAN HOUSE(アメリカンハウス)", just close to the hotel.  As a result, hearty American dishes fully met the demand of our hungry stomach. The taste was not bad. Hamburg using lean beef was juicy and yummy. Maybe our excitement and enthusiasm made the taste better. My rating is 2.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!   

PAN PACIFIC Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu(パンパシフィック横浜ベイ東急) 


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