January 13, 2013

We love Fukuyama!

At the very end of the year of 2012, I went to a live of Fukuyama Masaharu (福山雅治) which was held in Yokohama(横浜). He has been very popular so long as a singer-songwriter, actor and cameraman, etc. not only in Japan but also in Asia. He produces a string of hits that everyone knows. He is also in movies and dramas, and in 2011 he finally played Sakamoto Ryoma(坂本龍馬), a hero of Japan, who contributed to the Meiji Restoration as a masterless samurai. Either you like or dislike, he is an icon.     
Fukuyama Masaharu
Poster of the live 
Message from Fukuyama Masaharu at the live
His energetic live at the end of an year is famous and getting the ticket is difficult. But...luckily to me, I got it! The live performance was...sooooooo good. He was very cool and so service minded, even though he is a big star. He really tried to make people fun and touched by his great performance to the maximum extent possible. It was so much fun and impressive!! I think all women there gave heart to him and had water at the mouth as he was sexy:) I could get much power from him for tomorrow.

Here, I attach a song called "there was also in Tokyo", one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy and like him:)

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