January 28, 2013

Everyone's FUJIYA!

"Fujiya(不二屋)" is a confectionery company, whose products are sold at every supermarket/convenient store/shop in Japan. Their most popular product is "milky(ミルキー)", a soft milk candy which is called as "taste of Mom." I think 80% of Japanese have tasted the candy. Fujiya also runs cake shops all over Japan and one of which is located in Gina(銀座). We can buy fresh cakes until 22:30pm (I also bought at 22:00).
Fujiya Ginza
Show-case of cakes 
Short cake 
"Milky" cream puff 
The taste is very fine, as always. Their cakes are just simply delicious and meets our expectation! The gentle and straightforward taste brings back memories of childhood. The quality of cream used for cakes might be rich and nice. All the creams were very milky as the name of their product.

Simple cakes using nice ingredients might be sometimes more impressive than fancy and elaborate cakes. I am happy to eat such nice cakes. My rating is 4 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

Fujiya(不二屋) http://www.fujiya-peko.co.jp/index.html

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