January 22, 2013

Yummy yakiniku in Hongo

Hongo(本郷), an academic district where the University of Tokyo(東京大学) is located, has another feature as yakiniku district. Maybe because of young generation, we have many yakiniku restaurants around Hongo. If the king of yakuniku in Hongo is "Yakiniku Jambo(焼き肉ジャンボ)", the queen might be "Boya(房屋)." Bouya buys a whole wagyu cow so that high quality of wagyu beef can be provided at reasonable price.
Second floor of "Bouya"
Beer and Korean-style pickles
Sauces for yakiniku
Yakiniku by charcoal
Morioka-style cold noodle
On weekend, it is nearly difficult to get reservation at night. We luckily reserved a table in idle time between reservations. All staff was cheerful and kind. We were excited to eat yakiniku at Boya, but some of them kindly apologized us that we cannot stay long due to many reservations. 

So, the taste of wagyu beef was definitely yummy. Melted in the mouth. As they prepare various sauces for yakiniku, it was fun to choose suitable seasoning. Only a bit regrettable one is a cold-noodle. The texture was good, but it was nearly tasteless(maybe a cook forgot tasting...). But I like the atmosphere of Bouya that we can be relaxed. My rating is 3.5 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Boya(房屋) http://www.bou-ya.com/ 

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