January 6, 2013

Yakiniku and cold noodle of Iwate

I still cannot update what I ate last year... so, I need to speed up! The Iwate Prefecture(岩手県) has many specialties and one of which is "Morioka-Reimen (cold noodle, 盛岡冷麺)." The most famous restaurant which serves Morioka-cold noodle is "Pyon-Pyon-Shya(ぴょんぴょん舎)." Luckily to us, recently we have a branch of Pyon-Pyon-Shya in Ginza(銀座) that we can easily enjoy the wonderful taste.

Whenever I go, many customers make a long line. Without reservation, I waited for around 40 minutes at dinner. But it is worth for waiting. We can taste dainty yakiniku (barbecue) and cold-noodle at proper price in Ginza. The price range is around JPY1,000-2,500 per dish.
Entrance of Pyon-Pyon Shya in Ginza 
Beer and original magkoli (rice alcohol)
Kimuchi (Korean-style pickles) 
Wagyu beef
Green leaves and Korean-style pizza 
Wagyu beef 
Morioka-cold noodle 
They serve high-quality of wagyu beef(和牛). Some of them are branded beefs of Tohoku area (東北地方) such as Maezawa beef(前沢牛), Ousyu beef(奥州牛),etc. Those tastes are definitely delicious and melt in your mouth. Once you taste, you must be addicted with wagyu....! 

After the barbecue, we eat the famous cold noodle to refresh. The noodle is very nice! The noodle is chewy by using potato. The soup is a bit sour and hot. Very nice combination. My rating is 4 out of 5. Let's support restaurants of Iwate! Gochiso-samadeshita!

Pyon-Pyon-Shya(ぴょんぴょん舎) http://www.pyonpyonsya.co.jp/

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