January 13, 2013

KIHACHI Italian in Yokohama

KIHACHI(キハチ) is a restaurant chain and runs both fusion and Italian restaurants as well as cake shops around Tokyo. In the Yokohama Queen's Tower, a complex of shopping malls and offices, we have a branch of KIHACHI Italian(キハチイタリアン)." The interior and atmosphere are casual. 
Glasses of wine
Salad with poached egg and truffle   
Fresh pasta with botargo and sea urchin 
Pasta with tomato cream and crab
Each dish costs around JPY1,500-2,000. Light and modern tasting as a whole. Pasta with tomato cream and crab was rich and tasty. On the other hand, fresh pasta with botargo and sea urchin (around JPY3,000) was mediocre and less-cost effective. Portion was also not so big. Accordingly, satisfaction level was not so high, unfortunately. My rating is 3.0 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

KIHACHI(キハチ) http://www.kihachi.jp/index.html  

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