January 15, 2013

Belgian waffle in Ginza

More than 10 years ago...around 1997, Belgian waffles became prevalent in Japan. Everywhere, we had Belgian waffle shops, and people made a long queue in front of famous shops. Currently, such mode has been already gone, and some of the shops are left as one of our regular sweets shops.
Manneken in Ginza 
A waffle of Manneken 
Just near the crossroad of Ginza 4 chome(銀座4丁目), we have a branch of "Manneken(マネケン)", a Belgian waffle chain run by a company in Osaka. Even at late night (until 22pm), we can buy crispy and sugary waffles! The taste is good as usual. At the same time, this brings my then memories back. When you are a little hungry walking around Ginza, why don't you try the Belgian waffles? A basic waffle costs JPY120. My rating is 3.2 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Manneken(マネケン) http://www.manneken.co.jp/

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