January 25, 2013

Sushi near Yushima-Tenjin Shrine

Just near the Yushima-Tenjin Shrine(湯島天神), god of learning, there is a small but nice sushi restaurant called "KInoshita(季之下)." We can enjoy Edomae sushi at moderate price in a familiar atmosphere. One of chefs with gray hair is very gentle and warm-heart and we don't have to be nervous sitting at the counter. 
Inside(at the main counter)
Japanese radish salad and tea 
Tuna and white fish (forgot the name...)
Medium fatty tuna
Sea urchin
Salmon caviar 
Rolled egg and boiled oratosquilla oratoria
Spotted shad with vinegar 
Grilled silver cod in west Kyoto style and clear soup 
Sushi of Kinoshita is delicate and sophisticated. Ingredients are very fresh and cooked carefully. Different from major Edomae sushi restaurants, here, we dip sushi on soy sauce by ourselves(it's ok. I like this style, too). In particular, sea urchin and salmon caviar were impressive...! No smell in sea urchin. Just sweet and tasty... The lunch set we are costs JPY2,800. If you are big eater, the portion might be not enough. My rating is 3.9 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita! 

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