January 17, 2013

New Year prayer at Kanda Shrine

Until around the mid of January, people go to shrines and temples for New Year prayer. Last weekend, I went to Kanda Shrine(神田明神), which has 1,300 years history and was developed during the Edo period as a guardian shrine which protects Edo city and people( 江戸総鎮守). It is said that Tokugawa Ieyasu(徳川家康) had prayed for victory before the Sekigahara war(関ヶ原の戦い) in 1600 and he finally won the battle. So, it it believed the gods of this Shrine may bring us victory and success.
Torii gate of Kanda Shrine 
Another gate of Kanda Shrine 
Main Shrine (there were long lines for prayer.)
Miko (females who serve gods)
Nowadays, this is a guardian shrine for the center business district of Tokyo namely, Kanda(神田), Nihonbashi(日本橋), Akihabara(秋葉原), Otemachi(大手町), Marunouchi(丸の内) and Tsukiji market(築地市場). I heard businessmen also come to this Shrine for wishing good fortunes. But to be honest, the atmosphere is not so stately, and not my preference. Even so, I hope my wish comes true!

Kanda Shrine(神田明神) http://www.kandamyoujin.or.jp/

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