January 12, 2013

Brasserie at the Ueno Station

Near the main entrance of the JR Ueno Station(上野駅), there is a branch of traditional French restaurant of "L'ecrin(レカン)" as a form of brasserie, which everyone can easily enter with casual cloths. The previous VIP room of the Ueno Station was remade into this brasserie. The Art Deco decoration is elegant, while customers are varied such as young and old, men and women, travelers and couples, etc. 
Brasserie "L'ecrin"
Beer and breads 
Grilled porgy with spinach sauce
Boiled beef with vegetables 
Beef streak 
Blancmange with strawberry jelly
Profiterole with vanilla ice cream
Lunch set meal costs from JPY1,600-4,200. In spite of many customers, service is very careful. Whenever we need something, someone always approached us. Dishes are tasty as an average and orthodox French. Considering that we can eat such dishes at a station, it should be applaudable. As a casual supper, we can be satisfied. 

However, taking into account the name of "L'ecrin", even we eat at the brasserie, we expect more... something additional might be necessary. I didn't find any feature as "L'eccrin." I really hope this brasserie gets more popularity... My rating is 2.8 out of 5. Gochiso-samadeshita!

Brasserie L'ecrin (ブラッスリーレカン) http://www.lecringinza.co.jp/brasserie/

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